In this blog post we are going to look at some simple SEO tips that you can implement on your website. By adhering to these basic rules, you will begin to see your website go from strength to strength in the search engine rankings.

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  1. Conduct in-depth keyword research

Keyword research is vitally important to ensure your website is targeting the correct keywords. Audit those competitors who are outranking you and discover the keywords that are driving traffic to their site. Combine your keyword research with the use of Google’s keyword planning tool for the perfect SEO strategy.

2. Place keywords in headings

Use headings throughout your blog post or page content and take care to mark them as headings in your CMS. Within these headings you should place your most important keywords.

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3. Place longtail keywords in subheadings

Using longtail keywords in your subheadings will let the search engines know that you are serious about providing important information. Long tail keywords will be very specific to your niche and will generally be three or four word phrases or questions.

4. Place keywords in ALT tags

Every image on your website should have an ALT tag and an image description. When the ALT tags contain your keywords, these will show up in Google image search, providing more kudos to your website.

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5. Place keywords in the meta title

Every page and post on your website will contain a meta title. It is important that you create a title that includes your most important keywords and phrases.

6. Place keywords in the page description

The page description is displayed to readers on the Google search results page, directly below the meta title. If you do not manually enter a page description, Google will generate one based on your home page content. This is the perfect place to insert your keywords and will ensure Google recognises your website as relevant when a user makes that all-important search.

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