Social Media & SEO Tips for Small Business

Social Media & SEO Tips for Small Business

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts about using social media and ethical SEO to improve your online presence.

In this blog post we are going to talk about the relationship between the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and social media and how an active and regularly used social media account can improve the rankings of your website.

The relationship between the search engines and social media can often be overlooked or underestimated by those practicing online or offline SEO, however, SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) all work together to build your web presence in a positive, rewarding way.

Linking your Website to Social Media

For those hoping to boost their website in the search engine rankings, the very first thing I would recommend is to link each and every account to your domain name. You can do this in a number of ways: plugins, social share buttons, blog posts, social media buttons that link directly from your site via hyperlink, social proof plugins, live feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads etc.

Use your Social Media Accounts Regularly & Link to your Website

It’s all very well having dozens of social media accounts, but if you’re not updating them on a regular basis it can prove to be a worthless operation. I would recommend posting at least twice a week on all accounts and linking back to your website with each post. You can do this by simply typing the URL of any page of your website into the status bar on Facebook or Twitter and the platform will automatically direct viewers there when they click the link. Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube all provide similar features. Remember, this should work both ways! You want to build up a network of links between your website, social media and fans of your product/service.

Offer something of Value

When I say offer something of value, I’m talking about providing an incentive for your followers or fans to share these posts and links. Whether it’s an informative article, a competition or a well designed infographic, providing value to your readers will encourage sharing, interaction and more links back to your website. The more credible links you have (from ethical sources), the more Google will recognise your site and brand.

Get Blogging

Every website should have an integrated blog page to assist with onsite SEO, these blog posts should contain the keywords you would most like to be found with on Google and are perfect for sharing on social media. To get the most from your blog posts, I would recommend writing a minimum of 400 words and incorporating headings and meta data that include your chosen keywords.

Tag all Images

Make sure to tag all the images on your website with keywords, descriptions and captions (include your keywords) and go about sharing those images and their respective links on your social media accounts.

Check back for my next blog post where I will be recommending a number of free plugins, widgets and resources to help you integrate your social media accounts.

Author Note: Joanne at JB Writing Services offers a range of ethical onsite SEO and Social Media Management packages for those who need some assistance with marketing their brand online. Brand creation, website design and content marketing are all available at affordable prices for small businesses, bloggers and trainers.



Getting your Business Online with JB Writing Services

Getting your Business Online with JB Writing Services

Here at JB Writing Services I concentrate on providing a service that encompasses all aspects of branding, from the written content on your website or brochure, right down to a colour scheme, logo design, website and social media management campaign. All of these items are integral to a successful brand, without which your image may be severely lacking.

Branding Service Cork, Ireland

The branding process should begin right at the conception stage of your business or blog and should always be foremost in your mind when developing a business plan. What is your business? Where do you provide value? What sets your brand apart from the competition?

Once you have developed a business plan and mission statement, it’s now time to get working on your offline and online presence. This is where JB Writing Services steps in….

Domain Choice & Hosting

Choosing your domain name should be something that should be done in conjunction with JB Writing Services where possible, I will assist you with keyword research and competitor analysis prior to choosing a domain name, this will give your business the headstart it deserves with the search engines.I will also advise on the right hosting choice for your website.

Website and Logo Design Cobh, Co. Cork

The next stage in your branding journey should include visual branding, by this i mean logo and website design. Prior to developing your website, I can provide you with a number of logo design options that best represent your brand, making your brand stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. JB Writing Services includes a 1 hour consultation with all logo projects in order to fully understand what it is that makes your product or service special. I will then deliver 3-4 different logo drafts for you to choose from, you may like one logo straight off the bat, or you may like certain elements of different designs. Remember this is an exploration stage and it’s during the second stage that I develop your final ready to use logo. All logo files are delivered ready for print or online publication, in high resolution or vector format.

Website Design Cobh, Co. Cork

Once your logo and colour scheme has been decided and designed, I then get on with building your website and writing content that will have the search engines ranking you within 3 weeks from launch. I will deliver a fully responsive website that adjusts according to screen size, so your website will be user friendly for all device users whether they are browsing using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s worth keeping in mind that over 70% of searches are now done using a smart device, so you need to make sure your website is as responsive as possible.

Onsite SEO

I will optimise your completed site with the appropriate meta data, this will include all page titles, alt tags for images, page descriptions, tags, categories, headings and of course the overall site description that Google serves up to users.

To learn more about the end-to-end service JB Writing Services offers, please feel free to get in touch with me any time by visiting the contact page and filling out the form or by calling me on (087) 9547420.


Optimised Website Content

Optimised Website Content, Cork, Ireland

Here at JB Writing Services I research, write and optimise website content for business blogs and company websites across Ireland and the UK. The importance of well optimised website content should not be underestimated and can add significant benefits to both your brand and your online presence.

Why is content optimisation so important?

In today’s online world, competition is fierce and it’s a constant battle to keep your website ranking highly with the search engines. One of the most recognised methods for ethical (white hat) SEO is to constantly update or add to your website with freshly written website content in the form of blog posts, articles or new product pages. Google recognises this behaviour and rewards it handsomely by showing your website above the competition when the optimisation has been completed correctly.

Before undertaking any web content project I spend some time consulting with the client about their target market and the keywords they would like to target. Sometimes the client is unsure of the keywords needed, and that is absolutely fine, I can offer a keyword research service that can make this project flow smoothly for you. I may also, upon request of the client, undertake an SEO audit of your competitors websites, this allows us to put in place a strategy for future use and assists when deciding on the best keywords for your website content.

Optimised website content, Cork, Ireland

Web Content Writer, Cork, Ireland

How does content optimisation work?

A short question with a very long answer! Basically, when a web user goes to Google for example and they are looking for something like a restaurant in Cork or a hotel in Dublin they will most likely type in a search query something like this ‘Restaurant in Cork’ or ‘Hotel in Dublin’. These would be considered keywords. Now, over the years search terms have developed to become more specific and we refer to these as long tail keywords ‘ Best vegetarian restaurant in Cork’ or ‘ Cheapest city centre hotel in Dublin’. As you can see, the latter long tail keywords are more specific in their requests and therefore Google needs to search a bit harder to serve up the correct answers. By incorporating both short keywords and long tail keywords in your website content you are letting Google know that you have the information it is looking for, thus enhancing your chances of appearing higher in the search results.

A word of warning though! Google frowns massively on what we call ‘keyword stuffing’ so a certain ratio of text to keywords should be adhered to at all times to ensure Google doesn’t recognise your website or it’s content as spam.

JB Writing Services uses optimised H1’s, H2’s, H3’s, optimised meta data such as page description, title tags, alt tags and page titles to further compliment the written content on your site This gives you the best chance of getting recognised by Google for your chosen keywords.

Optimised website content is the ONLY way to practice SEO without living in fear of being penalised by the search engines and possibly having your site removed from the results page altogether. Dodgy backlinks and link building should be discouraged as these more often than not will hurt your site in the long run. Natural backlinks will happen in conjunction with well-written content as users start to share on social media and on their own blog pages.

For further information about optimised website content or blog posts, please feel free to get in touch with Joanne by emailing or fill out the contact form on this website.

Cyber Monday Specials 2015

Cyber Monday Specials: JB Writing Services

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Call Joanne on 087 9547420 or email to avail of these offers.

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Thinking of writing a book?

They say that every person has one good book in them, and why shouldn’t they??

Here at JB Writing Services I actively encourage those wishing to put pen to paper, what a wonderful way to express yourself and bring joy to those around you. I see authors who write about local history, tell far-flung stories, dream up the most amazing poetry and share their knowledge through books of all shapes and sizes. The biggest problem for them was getting published!

Over the past decade, traditional publishing has taken a twist. Publishing a book has always been a dream for many of us, but unfortunately, sometimes feels out of reach. Endless phone calls, chasing agents (if you can get one), sending synopsis (let alone writing them), only to be rejected, left feeling like no one will ever get to read your words. But now that needn’t be the case!

Self Publishing

With self publishing now readily available throughout Ireland, there is absolutely no reason why your book can’t take centre stage, no agents fees, no publishers cut, sure a little bit of legwork is involved in promoting your book, but think of the fun you can have with that & it’s all on your terms!

I work with a self publishing company here in County Cork called The guys here really know their stuff and go out of their way to make sure your book gets all the attention it deserves. Pop over to their website & have a look at some of their work, incredibly impressive and without doubt affordable to those who wish to go down the self publishing route.


If you don’t currently have the means to fund a ‘physical’ book, why not boost your savings pot by selling your book in a downloadable format first. Platforms like Amazon, iBooks and other online book portals can now make your dream of being a published author a reality. You can use the proceeds to fund a self published, ready to sell ‘physical’ book!

Where I come in…..

So you have a book idea, you’ve written some of it, maybe even completed it. Your family thinks it’s good, your friends think it’s good, heck….you think it’s the best thing ever written. But have you looked carefully?

I bring a fresh set of eyes to your book, I don’t just read it, I audit it. Are your commas, colons and full stops all in the right place? Is your spelling correct? Are your sentences structured in a readable way? Are you ready to push the ‘publish’ button?

I provide:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Typing services
  • Picture formatting
  • Cover design
  • Copyright info
  • A print ready pdf ready to give to your publisher
  • An eBook ready to upload to your online store of choice

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and need someone to give your book the attention it deserves, give me a call or pop me an email. Don’t leave it to chance, there’s nothing worse than picking up a book that just isn’t ‘quite there yet’!

For more information on self publishing please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me any time using the contact form.


Blog writer, Cork, Ireland.


Why every website needs a blog!

So you’ve got a fancy website, a great range of products or services & a real drive to succeed….but, your website just isn’t getting any traffic! Having a website with no traffic is akin to a shop in the middle of nowhere, unless people can find you and sample your wares, you may as well just shut up shop!

One of the best & most natural ways to drive traffic to your website is to regularly update your blog. An active blog on your site really is the key to all your SEO efforts!

Here at JB Writing Services I write blog pieces that truly capture the nature of your business. Not only do I write well, I also understand ethical SEO techniques. By ordering an article for your blog from JB Writing Services, you are ensuring that your site is being recognised by the relevant search engines and therefore by those searching for your products or services.

Every blog piece I provide is 100% unique and written just for you, each article is optimised with your chosen keywords and I work hand in hand with any online marketing strategies you may already have in place.

For a blog writer that offers affordable rates and impeccable copy look no further than JB Writing Services!


Unleash the power of Social Networking


Social networking, now and in better times, has proven to be one of the most invaluable methods for marketing any small business. Not since the introduction of email have we seen such an impressive way to get our message to the masses.

For small business owners like you and I, Social networking is probably the most powerful promotion tool you can get your hands on. The fact that little or no investment is required makes it all the more appealing. Our consumers have embraced social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. The truth is people don’t communicate the way they used to, but they do talk more and through different types of media.

Passing information from one customer to the next, a Chinese whisper if you like, has always been a great source of business. Social Networks are the new word of mouth. Facebook alone has over 600 million active users, that is nearly 10% of the worlds population, all competing to be heard. I for one, intend to get my slice of pie, and take advantage of these statistics. If you haven’t already done so, I would highly recommend devising a Social Networking strategy to boost your business.

Here’s a very encouraging statistic; did know that shoppers on facebook spend between 7 & 10% more than any other online consumer? This seems to stem from the more intimate relationship between consumer and vendor that is developed through the Social Network. It’s not difficult to understand, that most consumers are more likely to purchase goods or services from someone they know they can trust and who makes their brand more accessible and available to everyone.

Can you afford to ignore these opportunities?